Greetings! Thank you for following the link that lets me introduce you to the music and people that continually change my life on a daily basis. Songs have the ability to take us away from life's challenges and pressure and give us a chance to breathe. Coupled with excellent hosts and memorable dining live music extends a warmth and satisfaction that relaxes guests around the globe encapsulating cultures and genres for all of our five senses. I have spent a lifetime in the entertainment business starting at as a dishwasher/busser at 13 years old. I found through the years that the best first impression is a well kept table: inviting, clean, relaxing and affording the best view possible. When done right its like the notes on ascending scale of contentment. I treat each opportunity to play music the same way as I set up each table, for the gift that it is, now, in the moment, well played and sung with a side of passion.

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3H Festival - Brooksville 2021

Barberville Fall Folic 2021

Bryant Park 1/9/2022

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